Custom Remodeling Services

Interior Home Renovations

Bill Sheas, the household name you’ve trusted for years for your Kitchen and Bath remodeling is also your interior home improvement solution source.

Project Planning

Assessing your needs, creating project plans, and determining the scope of your new interior renovation.


Estimating costs for materials, labor, and other expenses to develop a budget for the project.


Ensuring that all necessary permits are obtained before starting construction or renovation work.


Managing and coordinating the work of Bill Shea’s in house construction staff.


Performing or overseeing the actual construction or renovation work, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and other necessary tasks.

Quality Control

Ensuring that the work meets industry standards and is completed to your satisfaction.

Timeline Management

Bill Sheas team will ensure the project is on schedule.


Regularly updating the client on the progress of the project and addressing any concerns or questions they may have.

At Bill Shea’s Interior Home Renovations, we turn the client’s vision for their home into a reality, managing all aspects of the construction or renovation process.

Bill Shea’s has created a TEAM to give Homeowners the peace of mind their project will be done on schedule and budget. Bill Shea’s Brand always delivers the best experience.

Doreen Kelly : Sales and Marketing
Paul Lally : Project Manager
Matt Price : Carpentry
John Clancy : Plumbing
Philippe : Demolition, Finish Painting
Angus Morris : Sheet Rock, Plastering
Tim Shultz : Carpentry, Corian Specialist
Scott Butler : Carpentry, Corian Specialist
Derek Robinson : Tile Specialist