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DuPont Corian is a blend of natural minerals with acrylic resin. Corian was discovered by DuPont during the 1970s. It is ideal for hundreds of uses but is best known for food service applications and other places where sanitation is critical.


There are many advantages to using Silestone: since it is a surface that is manufactured from natural quartz, it is a surface highly resistant to stains and scratches, and has a low level of fluid absorption.


Granite kitchen countertops make for the most durable type of stone countertop. It is an incredibly hard material and is not affected by heat. It also has an appearance of depth that cannot be matched by any man made product.


Save up to $20 per foot when you select a Simplicity countertop by Bill Shea’s. We have negotiated special pricing on select colors and can pass those savings on to you.