Compare Kitchen Countertop Materials

When you compare kitchen countertop materials, Corian does not have any of the drawbacks of other surfacing materials. Its chief advantage is its ease of cleaning and ability to resist the growth of bacteria. In fact, bacteria can not grow on a clean Corian surface. Corian can be repaired.
Compare kitchen countertop materials – Laminates and Corian
Unlike laminates, Corian can be lightly sanded to easily remove surface cuts or scratches. A simple rubbing with a Scotchbrite pad will renew the surface to look the same as its original condition. One chip on a stone material countertop like granite and you are left forever with a bacteria-breeding hole.
Corian No drawbacks Easy to clean and resists the growth of bacteria Easy to Repair
Ceramic Tile Grout lines are hard to clean. Corian has no grout lines or open seams.
Cultured Marble Surface is thin and chips easily. Corian has the color clear through.
Granite The surface is porous. Corian has an impervious surface which is not porous.  Damages are not repairable, leaving it open to a bacteria breeding surface.
Marble Cold to the touch. Cracks easily. Supports mold. Corian has the beauty of marble without the problems.
Laminate Scrubbing can wear away the surface. Seams show. Corian has no seams. The surface is one solid piece.

This video was produced by the Marble Institute of America, note the interesting tid bit at the 6:30 mark.  “The sealing products used in the stone industry are impregnators which do not actually seal the stone, but act as a repellant.  Sealing does not make the stone stain proof, rather it makes the stone more stain resistant.”  Meaning no sealing product can make your stone stain proof, rather they provide a brief moment to remove anything that may stain your countertop from the surface, however, liquid allowed to remain on the surface will stain even granite sealed that very day.  Corian and Quartz (silestone) countertops are 100% non porous and therefore 100% stain proof.

 Bill Shea’s Guarantees the Fit of Your Countertop 100%. DuPont Warranties the Corian for Ten Years.