About Us

What can we tell you about Shea’s Center? For starters, we guarantee customer satisfaction with every installation!

You can rely on the promises and integrity of Bill Shea’s Corian Center. Since 1952, thousands of families throughout New England have enjoyed Shea’s countertops in their homes.

Our Innovation

Another fact about Shea’s Center is that we were the first retailer in America to offer a Formica countertop. The Formica brand remained the company’s trademark through decades of growth and expansion, and ever changing consumer trends. William F. Shea was even known locally as the “Formica man.”

Our Founders

Today, three generations of “Bills” have operated the center. William T. Shea was the founder, William F. Shea took the company through the Formica countertop years and now William C. Shea has grown Bill Shea’s Center to be the largest Corian fabrication company in New England.

Our Success

As DuPont’s Corian brand challenged Formica’s popularity in the 1980s, Shea’s Center added that to his product line. Bill Shea’s new line of Corian quickly became the superior choice in surfacing. It was a clear choice because Corian surpasses the beauty and quality of most surfacing materials.

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