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This is the quickest way to get a quote. If you prefer, call toll free 1-888-CORIAN-9 and a Very Nice Person at Bill Shea's will come to your home or business to measure your contertops and give a price on the spot

Six Easy Steps: Your Info, Size, Color, Edge Style, Backsplash (optional), Sink (optional). Please note that name, email address, phone number, and how you heard about us are required fields.

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Give us your Countertop Measurements. Be as accurate as possible, but do not worry! If you are off by a couple of inches, this will not change the quote drastically. Remember that we measure before we confirm your order. Provide all dimensions for each shape. If your kitchen contains more than one top of the same, shape separate the dimensions of the different tops using a comma. For instance if you have a counter with your sink in it that is 100" long and 25" wide and you also have an island that is 60" long and 36" wide, enter "100, 60" in the box for side A and "25, 36" in the box for side B. Express all measurements in inches, and round upward (ie. Show 6 feet 7 1/2 inches as 80 inches).

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