Granite Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops

With Bill Shea’s Countertops, when deciding on what product to use as your countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, Sudbury granite kitchen countertops is unquestionably the most elegant option and will undoubtedly add value to your home.

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Granite kitchen countertops make for the most durable type of stone countertop. It is an incredibly hard material and is not affected by heat. It also has an appearance of depth that cannot be matched by any man made product. Because stone is porous, each stone does require special sealants. But granite absorbs the least and only requires resealing about once a year. You can cut, roll dough, and place hot pots directly on the granite kitchen countertop.

Follow your granite Countertop from the Quarry to your Kitchen

note at the 6:30 mark regarding sealing. ” The sealing products used in the stone industry are impregnators which do not actually seal the stone, but act as a repellant.  Sealing the stone doesn’t make the stone stain proof, rather it makes the stone more stain resistant.” see video below.  Meaning sealing your stone will not prevent staining rather it will allow you a brief moment to remove a liquid  that could cause a stain from your stone countertop.

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