Countertop Styling Ideas

Styling Ideas for your Kitchen

Have we got some suave Kitchen Countertop Styling Ideas for you!

A good starting point when remodeling your kitchen is to sit down and write a list of design essentials that you need to incorporate into your new kitchen. These important preliminary decisions can have a massive impact on the success of your final design. Once you’ve completed your list, decide on what you need in your kitchen and what you look for in a new kitchen countertop. At Bill Shea’s we are here to help you with your new kitchen design.

Below are some ideas for kitchen countertops. Contact us to review other kitchen  countertop ideas and options.

Granite Kitchen

Granite kitchen countertop with free flowing shape and edge detail.












Dupont Corian Counter Select Series is nonporous and easily repairable.











Raw Silk Edge Detail

Dupont Corian kitchen countertop with sculptured custom edges.










Silstone countertops, nonporous material and so easy to clean.

Silestone countertops, nonporous material and so easy to clean.











Dupont Corian Earth

Dupont Corian Countertops with full height backsplash.